Charlie Bondhus
Built Fire

Charlie Bondhus - Built Fire

Charlie Bondhus has published two books of poetry—What We Have Learned to Love, which won Brickhouse Books's 2008-2009 Stonewall Competition, and How the Boy Might See It (Pecan Grove Press, 2009)… Read more »
Jonathan Travelstead
Dream of Car Wreck and Failed Extrication

Jonathan Travelstead - Dream of Car Wreck and Failed Extrication

Jonathan Travelstead served in the Air Force National Guard for six years as a firefighter and currently works as a fulltime firefighter for the city of Murphysboro as he is finishing his MFA at… Read more »
Liz Robbins

Liz Robbins - heat

Liz Robbins' second full collection, Play Button, won the 2010 Cider Press Review Book Award, judged by Patricia Smith. Her chapbook, Girls Turned Like Dials, won the 2012 YellowJacket Press Prize and… Read more »
darlene anita scott
How to Keep a Secret

darlene anita scott - How to Keep a Secret

darlene anita scott shares the role of “baby of the family” with a twin sister who found her fifth grade journal and laughed. Loud. While sharing its contents with their three sisters. scott has… Read more »
Doris Ferleger
Instead of Angels

Doris Ferleger - Instead of Angels

Doris Ferleger, Ph.D., is a prizewinning poet whose debut book of poetry, Big Silences in a Year of Rain (available through the publisher, Main Street Rag, 2010), was a finalist for the Alice James… Read more »
Leslie F. Miller

Leslie F. Miller - intersection

Leslie F. Miller likes to break things and put them back together in a random, yet tasteful, order. A writer, photographer, mosaicist, and graphic designer, she is the author of the nonfiction book… Read more »
Gerard Beirne
Meditation #21 Nothing Is The Matter

Gerard Beirne - Meditation #21 Nothing Is The Matter

Gerard Beirne is an Irish writer now living in Canada where he teaches at the University of New Brunswick and is a Fiction Editor with The Fiddlehead. His most recent collection of poetry Games of… Read more »
Grace Cavalieri
The Portrait

Grace Cavalieri - The Portrait

Grace Cavalieri’s newest publications are a chapbook, Gotta Go Now, 2012 and a novella in verse, Millie’s Sunshine Tiki Villas, 2011 (both by Casa Menendez.) She’s the author of 16 books and… Read more »
Sid Gold
Wild Dog

Sid Gold - Wild Dog

Sid Gold's two books are Working Vocabulary (Washington Writers' Publishing House) and The Year of the Dog Throwers (Broadkill River Press). His poems have appeared in journals such the Potomac… Read more »

Dream of Car Wreck and Failed Extrication

Jonathan Travelstead

No thwock of ignition, no whump of heat sails by
as I squeal to a stop the cardboard box my sleeping brain
makes into a fire engine.

Glass powders the highway like snow.

Strobes churn the dark. My ego radios for help
as I rush pell-mell with a dull axe
the halligan’s crow-billed
steel fork and spike
towards the crumpled sedan melting
in front of me.

What a moment before burned like a wad of paper
is now a dogwood flower that’s sprouted pink,
sudden and enormous from the broken yellow line.

Petals swollen,
salmon glow flickering against a body trembling inside.
Always the wrong tools,
my set of irons clatter to the ground, my hide-thick gloves.

Black fingers trace clefts until the folds part
and unfurl to asphalt,
allow entrance to the cinder-black body inside.

Taking the blisters of her lips in mine,
I knew her.

Because no one is coming
I plunge the crackle and rind of her chest,
snapping ribs… Read more »