John Odell
Brother Buddy’s Gift

John Odell - Brother Buddy’s Gift

Jonathan Odell is the author of three novels. The View from Delphi, (Macadam Cage, 2004) deals with the struggle for equality in pre-civil rights Mississippi, his home state. In 2012, Random House… Read more »
Garrett Candrea
Just Fly

Garrett Candrea - Just Fly

Garrett Candrea lives and writes in New York City. His work has appeared in Carve and various issues of Sunspot Literary Journal. Find him at Read more »
Joshua Jones Lofflin
Manny’s Gone Missing (Again)

Joshua Jones Lofflin - Manny’s Gone Missing (Again)

Joshua Jones Lofflin’s writing has appeared in The Best Microfictions 2020, The Best Small Fictions 2019, The Cincinnati Review, CRAFT, Fractured Lit, SmokeLong Quarterly, Split Lip Magazine, and… Read more »
Garret Keizer
Raymond's Bar

Garret Keizer - Raymond's Bar

Garret Keizer is the author, most recently, of The World Pushes Back (poetry) and Getting Schooled (nonfiction) and is a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine and Virginia Quarterly Review. His… Read more »
Hilal Isler

Hilal Isler - Scorpion

Hilal Isler lives in the Twin Cities. Her work has appeared in The Paris Review, The Brooklyn Review, and Los Angeles Review of Books online. She edits the Hennepin Review. Read more »
Jill Witty
The Unraveling

Jill Witty - The Unraveling

Jill Witty writes novels, short stories and nonfiction from Richmond, Virginia. She received her MBA from UCLA and her BA in English from Yale. Her writing appears in Catapult, Pithead Chapel, New… Read more »

Raymond's Bar

Garret Keizer

About a year or so after my divorce I got it into my head that I ought to go out some night for a drink. Hardly unheard of among the sons of men—but I was never big on going to bars, not even as an undergraduate. I did go a few times in seminary as part of a class whose professor thought Barth and Bonhoeffer went down best with German beer. Usually the closest we got was Dutch, which was a good deal closer than the professor ever got to his subject. The impatience in that remark says more about my professional shortcomings than his. I’m not one to enjoy fellowship for its own sake, a definite liability in a drinking buddy or a priest. I’m prone to restlessness—I’ve never had much aptitude for seated meditation, for example—and am no big fan of spectator sports. I suppose I needn’t say anything about karaoke.

Then, too, there is the matter of “scandalizing the sheep,” not that the Episcopal Church is a dry denomination. For every parishioner of mine who’s a regular at AA meetings, I have two or three others who’d benefit if they were. Overall, though, I suspect most of… Read more »