Christopher Notarnicola
Available in Standard Sizes

Christopher Notarnicola - Available in Standard Sizes

Contest - 2nd Place
Christopher Notarnicola is a US Marine Corps veteran and an MFA graduate of Florida Atlantic University. His work has been published with American Short Fiction, Bellevue Literary Review, Best… Read more »
Heather Bartos

Heather Bartos - Goldfish

Contest - 1st Place
Heather Bartos writes both fiction and nonfiction. Her essays have appeared in Fatal Flaw, Stoneboat Literary Journal, HerStry, and elsewhere. Her flash fiction and short stories have appeared in… Read more »
Andy Young
We Bury My Mother a Second Time

Andy Young - We Bury My Mother a Second Time

Contest - 3rd Place
Andy Young's second full-length collection, Museum of the Soon Departed, was chosen for the inaugural Patricia Spears Jones Award and will be published by Camperdown NYC. She is also the author of All… Read more »

We Bury My Mother a Second Time - 3rd Place

Andy Young

Mary on one side in broken blue glass. Joseph on the other in umber and brown. Saint Gabriel explaining to a very young Mary what will happen. Don’t be afraid, says Saint Gabriel.

Both of my brothers’ wide necks in the pew in front of me. At the end of that row, my father, pink-nosed when he takes off the mask at the service’s close. Time doesn’t mean anything to her now, he says. Those of us who didn’t lose it during the shaky “Ave Maria” lose it now. She’s been dead more than a year. Don’t be afraid.

I focus on the comfort of the familiar: the kneeling, the bell-ringing, the Our Father, the peace be with you. Though there is no wine with the host. There is no water to touch to our heads chests left right shoulders.

I had watched her burial on my laptop. The virus had just emerged, and I could not be there. In my screen, my siblings and father sat on separate rows. Off camera, once the body was placed, they drank whiskey from little plastic cups in the parking lot.

We could gather now with a little less caution, the less ill… Read more »