Geoff Wyss
Black and White

Geoff Wyss - Black and White

Geoff Wyss’s book of stories, How, won the Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction and was published in 2012. His second novel is forthcoming from Brooklyn Arts Press. His fiction has appeared… Read more »
Lina Ferreira

Lina Ferreira - Cain

Lina Ferreira is the author of “Drown Sever Sing” and currently works as a visiting assistant professor in The Ohio State University. She is a graduate of The University of Iowa’s Creative… Read more »
Gregory Wolos

Gregory Wolos - Diorama

Gregory Wolos’s short fiction has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Post Road, Nashville Review, A-Minor Magazine, JMWW, Yemassee, The Baltimore Review, The Madison Review, T. J. Eckleburg… Read more »
Kate Folk

Kate Folk - Shueyville

Kate Folk is from Iowa and now lives in San Francisco. Her stories have appeared in Monkeybicycle, Word Riot, Colorado Review, Puerto del Sol, Tin House Flash Fridays, and elsewhere. She was a 2014… Read more »
Curtis Smith
The Culvert

Curtis Smith - The Culvert

Curtis Smith has published over one hundred stories and essays. His most recent books are Beasts and Men (stories, Press 53) and Communion (essays, Dock Street Press). Next spring, Ig Publishing will… Read more »


Gregory Wolos

He’s proud of the diorama concealed in the back of his tractor trailer. Is it art? Maybe. It’s got to be something more than the stolen contents of a brother’s apartment.

He’s stuck in traffic now, stopped dead between Boston and Springfield in an eastbound lane of the Mass Pike. People are getting out of their cars and trucks, peering over vehicles lined up as far as the eye can see. And across the median the westbound lanes are empty enough for touch football or a picnic: Whatever happened ahead is bad enough to have stopped the flow of traffic in both directions.

Next to him on the passenger seat sits Puck, the little poodle mix he took from the apartment along with the furniture. The dog’s giving him the eye, and he slaps his knee, though he knows Puck’s too old and timid to make the leap over the gear shift box. He picks up the dog, leashes it, tucks it under his arm, and swings out of his truck’s door onto pavement rubbed shiny by millions of tires—but his boots are probably the first to touch this exact spot. The smells of asphalt and exhaust rise through… Read more »