Jacqueline Kolosov
Equine Character: A Meditation

Jacqueline Kolosov - Equine Character: A Meditation

Contest - 2nd Place
Jacqueline Kolosov is Professor of English at Texas Tech where she teaches in the graduate and undergraduate creative writing program. Her third poetry collection, Memory of Blue, is forthcoming from… Read more »
Alisha Karabinus
Siri on Lesbian Sex

Alisha Karabinus - Siri on Lesbian Sex

Contest - 3rd Place
Alisha Karabinus is co-founder and Executive Editor of Revolution House magazine and an MFA candidate in Fiction at Purdue University, where she is also the Managing Editor of Sycamore Review. Her… Read more »
Marcia Aldrich

Marcia Aldrich - Swimmers

Contest - 1st Place
Marcia Aldrich is the author of the free memoir Girl Rearing, published by W.W. Norton and part of the Barnes and Noble Discover New Writers Series. She has been the editor of Fourth Genre:… Read more »

Swimmers - 1st Place

Marcia Aldrich

You like to pretend you don’t know his name, that it could be Bob or Bobbie, Tom or Troy. You like to think you don’t know how or if he makes a living because it doesn’t matter—there’s nothing useless about him. You like to think most of all that you don’t know how he thinks. You like to think he doesn’t know your name—that you could be Barb or Sally or Mary Jo, and that it doesn’t matter exactly what you do. You like to think you are strangers. Periodically you need to leave your life to return to it. In your case, this happens every day.

He enters stage left from the parking lot in a slow and steady gait like someone walking out on a range. He moves as if he has nowhere special to go. You enter from stage right near the tennis courts with two white towels thrown over your shoulder like someone rushing to stop a bleeding wound. His flip-flops make a familiar plopping sound on the concrete. Barefoot, you are soundless. An observer would say your eyes do not meet. Is the observer right? Have you made eye contact or haven’t you? You… Read more »