Cole Meyer

Cole Meyer - Camelot

Cole Meyer is the editor-in-chief at The Masters Review. He received an MFA in creative writing from Florida State University and BAs in English and classical humanities from the University of… Read more »
Melissa Faustine Chang
La Cienega

Melissa Faustine Chang - La Cienega

Melissa Faustine Chang is a Taiwanese-American writer and visual designer based in Southern California. She is an avid traveler, swimmer, and a one-time chocolatier. Read more »
Lara Longo
Mea Culpa

Lara Longo - Mea Culpa

Lara Longo is a Director of Special Projects at The Atlantic and has an MA in Cultural Studies from King's College London. Her writing has been published in jmww, Peach Mag, Bodega, and SVJ and is… Read more »
Zoe Yohn

Zoe Yohn - Moonflower

Zoe Yohn holds an MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama from University College Dublin. She has published short stories in The Honest Ulsterman and Flyover Country Literary Magazine, and her story… Read more »
Kent Kosack
To Do

Kent Kosack - To Do

Kent Kosack is a writer living in Pittsburgh, PA. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches composition and creative writing. Kent serves as the Director… Read more »
David Kim

David Kim - Tomorrow

David Kim has an MFA from the University of Maryland at College Park. This is his first publication. Read more »

To Do

Kent Kosack

Water boiled in the blue enameled pot. The man busied about the kitchen, a flurry of capability. A cake grew golden in the oven. Browning sugar sweetened the room.

From the breakfast nook in the corner of the room, the woman watched his movements. Her beer turned warm in the bottle. The leaves fell from the half-dead oak in the backyard.

Did you put the laundry into the dryer? The question came from him mid-flurry. He took a cleaver from the wood knife block and began dismembering a raw chicken.


And did you take out the garbage?


Were you planning on taking out the garbage?

It’s on my list.

He smiled.

Something funny?

He ignored her, tore the wings from the carcass, trimmed the excess fat.

She went outside via the back door. The air still and crisp. A whiff of sweet rot from the compost bin. She dragged the garbage to the curb and stood beside the hedge in front of the house watching him dump the chicken parts into a pot on the stove. Steam rose, wreathing his face, as the flesh hit the oil. He was smiling.

She reentered the kitchen via the… Read more »