Michael Gray
A Memory of Hands

Michael Gray - A Memory of Hands

Mike Gray received his MFA from Florida Atlantic University in 2012 and currently serves as an English Instructor at Hazard Community and Technical College in Kentucky. His fiction has appeared in… Read more »
Craig Buchner
American Metal

Craig Buchner - American Metal

Craig Buchner's short stories have appeared in Tin House, Hobart, SmokeLong Quarterly, and other literary journals. Craig teaches writing and lives in Portland, OR. You can find more of his work at… Read more »
Joshua Idaszak

Joshua Idaszak - Aralık

Joshua Idaszak is from Washington, DC. He has lived and worked in Australia, Turkey, and Spain, and will be attending the MFA program at the University of Arkansas this fall.  Read more »
Justin Brouckaert

Justin Brouckaert - Charlevoix

Justin Brouckaert’s work has appeared in The Rumpus and Passages North, among other publications. He is a James Dickey Fellow in Fiction at the University of South Carolina, where he serves as… Read more »
Kate Lister Campbell
Free Swim

Kate Lister Campbell - Free Swim

Kate Lister Campbell lives with her husband in Brooklyn, NY, but is originally from Kansas City, MO. When not writing, she helps to design job training and placement programs for people with barriers… Read more »
Vincent Poturica

Vincent Poturica - Habte

Vincent Poturica lives in Gainesville, FL, but he will soon be moving with his soon-to-be wife to Long Beach, CA. His stories and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Birkensnake, Bodega, FRiGG,… Read more »
Meng Jin
The Weeping Widow

Meng Jin - The Weeping Widow

Meng Jin was born in Shanghai, China, and now lives in New York City where she is an MFA candidate in fiction at Hunter College. Her fiction has appeared in Bound Off and Drunk Monkeys, and is… Read more »
Landon Houle
When Trapped in a Car under Water

Landon Houle - When Trapped in a Car under Water

Born in Brown County, Texas, Landon Houle currently lives in South Carolina and works as an editor at In Fact Books. She is a winner of Permafrost’s Midnight Sun fiction contest and Crab Creek… Read more »


Justin Brouckaert

It’s easier for Daniel to start with tears—to imagine pulling a binky away, popping the head off a favorite doll. A simple denial: “Uncle Daniel doesn’t love you.” There are certain thoughts that trigger the brain’s defenses, but sometimes the seeds slip by. Sadness shifts to pain: a yank of a ponytail, an outstretched foot lying in wait in the hallway for a pair of unsuspecting toddler shins. At the top of the stairs, a push from behind—just the slightest push.

It’s only on the worst days that Daniel allows it to go further—only when the baby wakes at three in the morning and won’t stop crying, not even when they hold him, not even when they give him gas drops or Tylenol or lay him out on the bed to let him stretch and roll. Days like these are when Daniel allows himself to forget which thoughts he’s supposed to be blocking. When the fantasies bleed into one another, each more hateful than the last, mounting with the baby’s constant screams into a single, glorious vision: Daniel gripping the fat thing by its haunches and punting it into the valley, watching it plummet into the tall grass, downed unceremoniously… Read more »