Cheryl Dumesnil
A Dissertation on Quantum Entanglement as a Love Song

Cheryl Dumesnil - A Dissertation on Quantum Entanglement as a Love Song

Cheryl Dumesnil's books include the poetry collections Showtime at the Ministry of Lost Causes and In Praise of Falling (University of Pittsburgh Press); a memoir, Love Song for Baby X (Ig… Read more »
Jessica Piazza
Alice, 41

Jessica Piazza - Alice, 41

Jessica Piazza is the author of three poetry collections and a children's book. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jessica now lives in Los Angeles, where she teaches at the University of Southern… Read more »
Clint Bentley
Baptism at the Cineplex 9

Clint Bentley - Baptism at the Cineplex 9

Clint Bentley is a writer and filmmaker. His most recent film as a writer was Transpecos. This story is his first published work of fiction. Read more »
Lillian Johnson

Lillian Johnson - Borderlands

Lillian Johnson is an emerging writer and Literature graduate with a BA from the University of Exeter. Her story “Retainer on a Bedside Table” was published in Exeter University’s literary… Read more »
Joshua Martin
Hamlet on the Shuttle

Joshua Martin - Hamlet on the Shuttle

Joshua Martin is finishing up his PhD in poetry at Georgia State University. He has published poems or has poems forthcoming in The South Atlantic Review, The Potomac Review, Salamander, Carolina… Read more »
A. Grifa Ismaili
Hit Them with Your Eyes

A. Grifa Ismaili - Hit Them with Your Eyes

A. Grifa Ismaili is a Jersey-born writer whose work has appeared in Fiction International, Citron Review, Literary Orphans, and Press 53’s Everywhere Stories, among others. A recent Pushcart Prize… Read more »
Matthew W. Baker
I’m told the story of how my college-age father “fell” from a building but survived,

Matthew W. Baker - I’m told the story of how my college-age father “fell” from a building but survived,

Matthew W. Baker grew up in Pittsburgh, PA but currently lives in Reno, NV and teaches high school English. He received his MFA from the University of Nevada, Reno. His work has appeared in The Vitni… Read more »
Libby Heily
In Pieces

Libby Heily - In Pieces

Libby Heily is a writer based in New York. Her young adult fantasy series is published through Fire and Ice YA Publishing. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous publications including Daily… Read more »
Stacey Park
In There

Stacey Park - In There

Stacey Park is a Korean-Canadian writer living in southern California at the moment. She is a PhD student and assistant editor for Foothill Journal. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in… Read more »
Victor Yang

Victor Yang - Karaoke

Victor Yang is a queer writer and educator based in Boston. His writing has been published or is forthcoming in Fourth Genre, Gulf Coast, The Rumpus, The Tahoma Literary Review, The Boston Globe, and… Read more »
Stephen Tuttle
Leah, Unloved

Stephen Tuttle - Leah, Unloved

Stephen Tuttle's fiction and prose poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Threepenny Review, The Southern Review, The Gettysburg Review, The Normal School, Hayden's Ferry Review, and elsewhere.… Read more »
Ian Baaske
Morris Station

Ian Baaske - Morris Station

Ian Baaske’s work has appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, Warship, and The Puritan's Town Crier. His screenplay, “Daisy,” was a semifinalist in Zoetrope’s Screenplay Competition last year.… Read more »
Rachel Morgan
Pray v. Prey

Rachel Morgan - Pray v. Prey

Rachel Morgan is the author of the chapbook, Honey & Blood, Blood & Honey (Final Thursday Press, 2017), and she is the co-editor of Fire Under the Moon: An Anthology of Contemporary Slovene… Read more »
Sara Eddy

Sara Eddy - Starvation

Sara Eddy is a writing instructor at Smith College, in Northampton, Massachusetts. Some of her poems have appeared recently in Zingara, Tishman Review, and Heartwood, and are forthcoming in Raw Art… Read more »
Adam Byko
The Automatic Man

Adam Byko - The Automatic Man

Adam Byko is an MFA candidate and Provost Fellow at the University of Central Florida. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Pinch, F(r)iction, and the Notre Dame Review among other… Read more »
Curtis Smith
The Creek

Curtis Smith - The Creek

Curtis Smith has published over 100 stories and essays, and his work has been cited by or included in The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Mystery Stories, The Best American Spiritual… Read more »

The Creek

Curtis Smith

Miss Houser led our excursion down the railroad tracks. Danny Tate and Alex Dell raced, arms outstretched, a test of balance atop opposite rails. Tony Atwood’s hurled stones scattered the wire-perched starlings. A mid-June morning, warm and bright and blue. Butterflies in the pokeweed. The last days of school, our summer anticipated and rightfully earned, but also in us a melancholy, for we loved Miss Houser. The girls openly, with notes tucked into her pocket and unashamed tears and whispered secrets, their hands cupped to her ear. Us boys a bit distant, watchful, the emotions we couldn’t name twisting in our guts. Last September, she’d inherited both us and our reputation. We were fist-fighters and window-gazers and more than a few of us still struggled with our multiplication tables. The grades behind us full of the teachers who’d yelled and slapped the backs of our heads. The others who’d cried. Miss Houser became ours a kindness at a time. With each applied Band-Aid. With her calm amid our tumult and the guitar she strummed during the cabin-fever weeks of indoor recess. With the lunches she secretly bought the Carney twins after their father fell from the foundry catwalk. For Miss… Read more »