Jacob Weber
American as Berbere

Jacob Weber - American as Berbere

Jake Weber learned to speak Korean and to love literature during six otherwise wasted years in the Marine Corps. Afterwards, he published a few poems and earned a B.A. and an M.A. in English, the… Read more »
Jordan Farmer

Jordan Farmer - Arrows

Jordan Farmer is originally from Logan, West Virginia, and is currently a Ph.D. student studying creative writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His fiction has been a finalist of both the… Read more »
Michelle Donahue

Michelle Donahue - Bozika

Michelle Donahue is a current MFA candidate in Creative Writing & Environment at Iowa State where she was the managing editor of Flyway. Her work has appeared in Hobart, Whiskey Island, Front… Read more »
Damon Barta
Flight Path

Damon Barta - Flight Path

Damon Barta once lived in a place where he could see for miles in every direction. He now lives safely among trees. His work has appeared in several print and online journals. Selected fiction can be… Read more »
Terrance Manning, Jr.
Kentucky Pisser

Terrance Manning, Jr. - Kentucky Pisser

Terrance Manning, Jr., is a graduate from Purdue’s MFA program in Creative Writing (2014). Recently, he received 1st place in the Boulevard Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers, the David… Read more »
Claire Seymour
Nebraska, This One’s For You

Claire Seymour - Nebraska, This One’s For You

Claire Seymour is a student living in Brooklyn, New York. Her writing has appeared in Thistle Magazine, and is forthcoming in the Chautauqua Literary Journal. She has won several awards, being named… Read more »
Danielle LaVaque-Manty

Danielle LaVaque-Manty - Starfish

Danielle LaVaque-Manty lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her fiction has appeared in Glimmer Train, The Alarmist, Punchnel’s, Great Lakes Review, and Midwestern Gothic, and is forthcoming in The Pinch. Read more »
Michael Compton
The Flying Man

Michael Compton - The Flying Man

Michael Compton is a screenwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. His poetry and prose have appeared in African American Review, Forge, The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, The Tulane Review, and… Read more »
Victor Walker
The Trouble with Harry

Victor Walker - The Trouble with Harry

Victor Walker is a former university professor and a full-time writer. His short stories have appeared in New Black Voices, The Wisconsin Review, The Long Story, The MacGuffin, The Red Rock Review… Read more »
Jennifer Bryan
Trying to Know You

Jennifer Bryan - Trying to Know You

Jennifer Bryan grew up in Spokane, Washington. She received an MFA from Bowling Green State University and a PhD in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She was the 2011 Kimmel Foundation… Read more »

The Trouble with Harry

Victor Walker

Let’s suppose:

I’ve taken to looking over at her much more than I ever did—even when we had just started going together. Then I seemed to look at her all the time—her hair, her eyes, her nose, her mouth, the way she moved or sat still. I couldn’t stop looking at her, even when she wasn’t there. I would think about her. All the time. This sounds obsessive, but it really wasn’t. It never got in the way of my work. I never stopped eating. Or lost any sleep. I never spied on her or called her up just to check on where she was. What she was doing. I was never jealous of her friends or the men she knew before me. I never asked her to tell me about her old boyfriends or imagined any to compare myself unfavorably to. Everything was always in the now. My past, her past, didn’t really matter. It was as if we were invented just to be with each other.

There is a painting by Marc Chagall of a man and woman, a married couple, and instead of them holding one another or just standing side by side, the one is… Read more »