Adam Carpenter

Adam Carpenter - #ponytailforjail

Contest - 3rd Place
Adam Carpenter loves writing like a fat kid loves cake. He teaches English, produces music, and is one-half of the… Read more »
Sarah Giragosian
Family History

Sarah Giragosian - Family History

Contest - 2nd Place
Sarah Giragosian’s first book of poems Queer Fish won the 2014 American Poetry Journal Book Prize and will be published… Read more »
Jane Rose Porter
It's Clean

Jane Rose Porter - It's Clean

Contest - 1st Place
Jane Rose Porter is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York. She was a 2013 Emerging Writer Fellow… Read more »

Family History

Sarah Giragosian

No god is more inscrutable than ours.
Think of how our century began: red fistfuls
of pomegranate blossoms knuckling the windows
in the early dawn, a warning missed and a call to rise.
And at the doors—the early monsters
of modernity, trained to be meticulous, expedient,
propitiated neither by suffering or the skirl of exile.
Think of your grandmother with her rabbit-beat heart
who knew something about hope’s atrophied muscles
and the secrets of rubies. She scooped pomegranate seeds
into her pockets, lined her body with an invisible god.
During the march, he roosted in her inner ear and whispered back
such strange flashes of memory: the first clean A
she played on her spiked fiddle, the last goat she skinned,
the wet cord that tied her to her son, the gleam of her sister’s scissors
that snipped it off, the gleam of the bayonet that killed him.
She watched her daughter’s ribs peek through the skin,
and in time, realized that god is anonymous
and intimate as a nurse who… Read more »