Adam Carpenter

Adam Carpenter - #ponytailforjail

Contest - 3rd Place
Adam Carpenter loves writing like a fat kid loves cake. He teaches English, produces music, and is one-half of the… Read more »
Sarah Giragosian
Family History

Sarah Giragosian - Family History

Contest - 2nd Place
Sarah Giragosian’s first book of poems Queer Fish won the 2014 American Poetry Journal Book Prize and will be published… Read more »
Jane Rose Porter
It's Clean

Jane Rose Porter - It's Clean

Contest - 1st Place
Jane Rose Porter is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York. She was a 2013 Emerging Writer Fellow… Read more »

It's Clean

Jane Rose Porter

The knot of gold slipped from Lucy’s fingers to the parquet floor when the phone rang. “Shit!” she called into the empty room and pressed the phone to her cheek, crawling along the floor of her studio apartment. She ran her fingers between the uneven grooves of the old floorboards in search of the gold chain and its elephant charm.

“What is it?” she said, groping along the slats of wood. Her father was calling. He always wanted to talk at the most inopportune moments, but she felt an obligation to answer when his name appeared on her phone. The last time she'd ignored his calls, her grandmother had suffered a heart attack and nearly died.

“Why such a rush? You’ve got someone over there waiting for you?” he said.

“Mind your business,” she said.

“You know where I was today?" he went on. "You’re not going to believe where I was today.” Every phone call with him, like a bad standup routine.

“Hurry up, Dad. I’m late.” She pressed her free cheek to the floor and peered under the sofa, thick with dust and hair.

“You know who called me?” he tried instead, as… Read more »