Michael Gray
A Memory of Hands

Michael Gray - A Memory of Hands

Mike Gray received his MFA from Florida Atlantic University in 2012 and currently serves as an English Instructor at Hazard… Read more »
Craig Buchner
American Metal

Craig Buchner - American Metal

Craig Buchner’s short stories have appeared in Tin House, Hobart, SmokeLong Quarterly, and other literary journals. Craig teaches writing and… Read more »
Joshua Idaszak

Joshua Idaszak - Aralık

Joshua Idaszak is from Washington, DC. He has lived and worked in Australia, Turkey, and Spain, and will be attending… Read more »
Justin Brouckaert

Justin Brouckaert - Charlevoix

Justin Brouckaert’s work has appeared in The Rumpus and Passages North, among other publications. He is a James Dickey Fellow… Read more »
Kate Lister Campbell
Free Swim

Kate Lister Campbell - Free Swim

Kate Lister Campbell lives with her husband in Brooklyn, NY, but is originally from Kansas City, MO. When not writing,… Read more »
Vincent Poturica

Vincent Poturica - Habte

Vincent Poturica lives in Gainesville, FL, but he will soon be moving with his soon-to-be wife to Long Beach, CA.… Read more »
Meng Jin
The Weeping Widow

Meng Jin - The Weeping Widow

Meng Jin was born in Shanghai, China, and now lives in New York City where she is an MFA candidate… Read more »
Landon Houle
When Trapped in a Car under Water

Landon Houle - When Trapped in a Car under Water

Born in Brown County, Texas, Landon Houle currently lives in South Carolina and works as an editor at In Fact… Read more »

American Metal

Craig Buchner

My American Metal (Blog Entry): December 13
I never read much before, but here it kills time. Band of Brothers. Catch-22. The Thin Red Line. Most everybody watches movies. I can't take the violence on TV, but I’m excited to fire at something other than paper targets. Maybe everybody is, but no one’s saying much. Guess I'm looking for insight into somebody else's experience. Just being away from home, I guess, is like every other deployment. So I lie in wait, and I read until the shooting starts.

My American Metal (Blog Entry): December 28
In our Combat Lifesaver course, I had to start a line on a guy named Dover, but he did me first. He was all shaky and massacred my arm, a lot of holes and blood. He probably thought I'd take revenge and stab him a hundred times, but I liked him okay so I got his vein the first try. We learned how to treat gunshot wounds: check the airway, breathing, circulation, disability; then apply pressure to the wound and use pressure points to control the bleeding. The instructor stood at the front of the room. He said, “There’s an eighty-goddamn-five-percent… Read more »