Lisa Suhair Majaj


Lisa Suhair Majaj, a Palestinian-American, is the author of Geographies of Light (Del Sol Press Poetry Prize winner), and poems and essays in many international publications. Her writing has been used in various venues from art exhibits to political protests. Her poems were displayed as part of the exhibition Aftermath: The Fallout of War—America and the Middle East (Harn Museum of Art, 2016). Her work has been translated into Arabic, Greek, and other languages. She has also published children’s books and literary criticism, and has co-edited three volumes of essays on international women writers. She lives in Nicosia, Cyprus.


True Lies

My childhood was uneventful, and happy. My father raised wild goats in a small mountain village adrift with the odor of thyme. My mother baked bread on stones, wove blankets of goat hair, coaxed jam out of cactus fruit. Each morning I rose before dawn for the day’s trek to water, balancing a jug on my head down the long steep path. In the winter we roasted chestnuts at the family hearth, told tall tales to entertain each other through the long dark nights. This was one of them.