Justin Carter
Autumn Returns to Martins Ferry, Ohio

Justin Carter - Autumn Returns to Martins Ferry, Ohio

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Closed for Storm

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Dropping Weight

Brendan Walsh - Dropping Weight

Contest - 3rd Place
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Eating Emily Dickinson’s Clothes

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Fruit Jar

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Hammer Strikes

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Kitchen Kisses

Allie Marini - Kitchen Kisses

Contest - 2nd Place
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Cecily Berberat
Lemon drop

Cecily Berberat - Lemon drop

Contest - 1st Place
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Joe Kraus
Sears and Roebuck

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Maryann Corbett
State Office Building, Seventh Floor

Maryann Corbett - State Office Building, Seventh Floor

Maryann Corbett spent almost thirty-five years working for the Office of the Revisor of Statutes at the Minnesota Legislature. Her… Read more »
Lauren Westerfield
The Need to Use Your Teeth

Lauren Westerfield - The Need to Use Your Teeth

Creative Nonfiction
Lauren W. Westerfield is an essayist, poet, and editor from the Northern California coast. Her work has appeared or is… Read more »

State Office Building, Seventh Floor

Maryann Corbett

for the night teams at the Revisor’s Office

The building lifts the bank of lighted windows
into the darkness.

Approach on any night in spring—late April
into mid-May—
and there it is, hung in the night, reciting
still here, still here.

Lit windows always mean a late shift, working.
Up there, all night,
they work. They make the bills and the amendments
ready for morning.

Think of the weariness of old lighthouses
on the North Shore.
Think of the concentration of the surgeons
in trauma units.

Farfetched, you say? Maybe you balk at mixing
these metaphors?

The law, a tanker lighted into harbor
on a roiled sea?
Sure. Reams of paper hauled back from committee
are a beached vessel,
the wreckage of hours wrangling, the loved projects
lying in fragments—

The law as midnight lowlife, deal gone pear-shaped,
slashed, bleeding?
Up there, they reconstruct the damaged corpus

Late, very late, they work by the… Read more »