Brett Riley
Closed for Storm

Brett Riley - Closed for Storm

Brett Riley is the author of The Subtle Dance of Impulse and Light (Ink Brush Press) and the screenplay Candy’s… Read more »
William Woolfitt
Fruit Jar

William Woolfitt - Fruit Jar

William Woolfitt is the author of three poetry collections: Beauty Strip (Texas Review Press, 2014), Charles of the Desert (Paraclete… Read more »
Cady Vishniac

Cady Vishniac - M

Cady Vishniac is a Big Ten Academic Alliance Traveling Scholar at the University of Michigan and a Translation Fellow at… Read more »
Afolabi Opanubi

Afolabi Opanubi - Rust

Afolabi Opanubi grew up in Port Harcourt, a city in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He lived there up… Read more »
Joe Kraus
Sears and Roebuck

Joe Kraus - Sears and Roebuck

Joe Kraus is a professor of English at the University of Scranton where he teaches creative writing and American literature.… Read more »


Cady Vishniac

M listens to a radio special about child psychopaths while his wife sits in the passenger seat with her earbuds in, listening to her cheering-up music. They’re coming from Jordan’s middle school, which just opened for summer classes. The kid carried on like it was a labor camp, repeating that he may have gotten straight Cs, but he’d technically graduated eighth grade, hadn’t he? As he walked toward the building, Jordan flipped his parents the bird.

M’s still livid, so he says, “These psychopath kids sound like our son.” He’s loud enough that his wife can hear over her cheering-up music. Mostly, he’s worried about what the radio special says: personality disorders may be inherited. Harming animals is an early warning sign.

M’s wife takes out an earbud. “I’m not even bothered.” She’s a terrible liar.

A light turns, and M starts driving again. It’s a minute before he says, “I used to be pretty wild, too. Now I just feel bad about all the grief I gave Mom.”

It’s true that M feels bad. He was a year, maybe two, older than Jordan is now, hunting on the country roads outside Frederick. He’d come home late and his… Read more »