Richard Schmitt
Living Among Strangers

Richard Schmitt - Living Among Strangers

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Andrew Siegrist
Nightmare Prayers

Andrew Siegrist - Nightmare Prayers

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Laura Jean Schneider
No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Laura Jean Schneider - No Sunshine When She’s Gone

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Joy Ellison
Sitti’s Scars

Joy Ellison - Sitti’s Scars

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Alexandra Renwick
The Monsieur

Alexandra Renwick - The Monsieur

Alexandra Renwick is a dual US & Canadian author whose short fiction has been translated into nine languages and performed… Read more »

No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Laura Jean Schneider

Every day that I hang out my laundry that bitch comes over and sinks her teeth into whatever she likes. She tears something off the clothesline with a snap of her lumpy head, drags it out of my yard, her all smiling, then breaks into a run back to wherever she comes from, my pants or shirts or towels flying out behind her.

A small dog, ugly, no collar, been doing this for a month now. I’m about fed up. Maybe someone new moved a trailer onto a plot of twenty acres like my own, must be they don’t believe in tying dogs up or making them mind. It seems to be a cross between a Chow and a Lab, legs too short, like a cartoon, and her tail is one big dreadlock chock-full of burrs and stickers and probably her own filthy shit.

At first I tore down the road after her, but she must have some shortcut, some bypass, because I never see her once she leaves my yard. As if it isn’t bad enough that she steals things, the dog takes a dump in the corner by the rock garden if she sneaks in without me seeing… Read more »