Christine Stewart-Nuñez
Art of the Body

Christine Stewart-Nuñez - Art of the Body

Contest - 2nd Place
Poet and essayist Christine Stewart-Nuñez is the author of Untrussed (forthcoming 2016 from the University of New Mexico Press), Snow,… Read more »
Heidi Czerwiec
Nervous Systems

Heidi Czerwiec - Nervous Systems

Contest - 1st Place
Heidi Czerwiec is a poet, essayist, translator, and critic who teaches at the University of North Dakota, where she is… Read more »
Raquel Fontanilla
Souvenir From Where You’ve Been

Raquel Fontanilla - Souvenir From Where You’ve Been

Contest - 3rd Place
Raquel Fontanilla is a freelance translator with a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Tokyo. A native of… Read more »

Souvenir From Where You’ve Been

Raquel Fontanilla

Numbness, as if someone crept in and anaesthetized the left side of my head, wakes me in the dead of a sticky July night, just outside a U.S. Army base in South Korea. I knead my skin and pinch my earlobe: still nothing. I attribute this phantom sensation to sleeping too long in one position and nod off again. An hour later, my eyes fly open as the bed plummets to the ground, spinning me around like an off-balance load of laundry, only to throw me up toward the ceiling again. My eyes roll in their sockets; moving my head even a fraction makes me vomit. My husband of five months fumbles in his wallet to find the emergency contact card handed out during in-processing, the kind of card you think you’ll never need. There is only a small troop clinic on post, so the operator has to hunt down an interpreter, who in turn calls a Korean ambulance, and a three-way call ensues. We’re the first and only residents in a newly-built duplex community; the road leading to Eastern Village is unpaved, unnamed, and unlit. In the hour it takes for the ambulance to find our house, I throw… Read more »