Dani Sandal
(dis) Connect

Dani Sandal - (dis) Connect

Lately (2012 or forthcoming), you can read Dani Sandal in the Raleigh Review, Adirondack Review, New Orleans Review, Puerto del… Read more »
Kate Wheeler
Hate It Here

Kate Wheeler - Hate It Here

Kate Wheeler grew up in North Carolina among green things. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and her… Read more »
Daniel Enjay Wong
Heart of Glass

Daniel Enjay Wong - Heart of Glass

Daniel Enjay Wong received his BA from Stanford University and plans to attend medical school. His stories have appeared in… Read more »
Vickie Fang
My Last Chance

Vickie Fang - My Last Chance

Vickie Fang is a reformed trial lawyer with a recent MFA degree. She is now writing full time and has… Read more »
William Black
The Pleasure Dome

William Black - The Pleasure Dome

William Black’s fiction and critical essays have appeared in Crazyhorse, Threepenny Review, Southern Review, The Sun, World Literature Today, Boulevard,… Read more »

The Pleasure Dome

William Black

Our father came home grumbling and smelling of motor oil, axle grease, and beer. He pushed past my brother and me as we tried to fit our fingers through his belt loops and wrap ourselves around his legs. We followed him to the bedroom, where he fell back onto the bed like a timber, and we each took a boot, unlaced it, and struggled to pull it off, our father saying, “Come on now, boys. Come on and pull like a couple of mules.” When we finally yanked them off, stumbling backward from the sudden release, there were his toes, dirty and unclipped, peeking through the holes in his socks, and we jumped on him, crashing down on his arms and chest, pinning him with everything we had, only to find ourselves somehow aloft, balanced in his huge hands, and then brought down on our backs, forefingers pressed fast to our sternums, both of us immobilized at once, held helpless and ticklish beyond belief. We half-laughed and half-screamed for our lives.

“So,” he said, his beery breath warm and close. “Have I earned a moment’s peace and quiet?”

“Yes yes yes!” Though we would have said anything to win… Read more »