Michelle Bracken
Eating Together

Michelle Bracken - Eating Together

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Michelle Bracken is a fiction candidate in the MFA program at California State University, San Bernardino. Her work has appeared… Read more »
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The Cooldown

Paige Towers - The Cooldown

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Eating Together

Michelle Bracken

August, 2005

I am a vegetarian now, have been one for two years. My mother asked me, the last time I saw her, a month ago, if I found that my diet causes me to be depressed. I shrugged this off, said no, not at all.

If my diet were hurting me, I told her, I’d be real thin by now. I’m healthy. I then proceeded to dig my fork into a veggie burrito, the tortilla covered in cheese and red sauce.


I can go back, year before year, and recall the feeling of starvation. Though I do not live with my family, have not lived with them for years, whenever I feel closest to them, whenever I feel that even though I am away, I am really there, I have not eaten for hours, sometimes days.

I starve.

But before that, before anything, there is the time that I binged.

I am eight years old. I live in San Leandro, California, in a two-story apartment, with my mother, my five-year-old brother, my four-year-old sister and my two-year-old brother. We do not have a father, but fathers. My father lives in Nevada and… Read more »