Kilby Allen
A Stockroom Exegesis of Psalm Fifty-One

Kilby Allen - A Stockroom Exegesis of Psalm Fifty-One

Kilby Allen is a native of the Mississippi Delta, and received her MFA from Brooklyn College, where she was awarded… Read more »
Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon - Braniff

Peter Gordon’s short stories have appeared in a wide range of publications including The New Yorker, Ploughshares, The Yale Review,… Read more »
Anne Goodwin
Habeas Corpus

Anne Goodwin - Habeas Corpus

Anne Goodwin writes fiction for the freedom to contradict and continually reinvent herself. She has published 50 short stories online… Read more »
Brian Maxwell

Brian Maxwell - Pensacola

Brian Maxwell is a Florida-based writer, particularly interested in the short story form. His fiction has appeared in Fugue, Evansville… Read more »
Valerie Cumming
Secret Recipe

Valerie Cumming - Secret Recipe

Valerie Cumming received her MFA in fiction writing from the University of Michigan, and her stories have appeared or are… Read more »
Rebecca Orchard
The Farm Before the Hills

Rebecca Orchard - The Farm Before the Hills

Rebecca Orchard is a writer and classical musician who majored in French horn at the Peabody Institute of the Johns… Read more »
John Goulet
The Hyena Man

John Goulet - The Hyena Man

John Goulet grew up in Boston, Colorado and Iowa. He attended St. John’s University, San Francisco State, and the University… Read more »
Michael Capel

Michael Capel - Walk

Michael Capel received an MFA in fiction writing from Boise State University. His short stories have appeared in Sou’wester, South… Read more »

The Farm Before the Hills

Rebecca Orchard

The researchers were young and dressed as if they did not know the shape of their own bodies. They talked with their hands and with bright eyes, alternating between exclamations and technical jargon, showing each other things on their finicky-looking instruments. They were no friendlier on their return visit than they had been on their first, closed and insular in front of Hank and his wife, becoming animated only once they had been shown into the backyard and Hank had retreated to the house.

Hank Gallett watched them from his back door, rubbing his upper lip with a large and calloused hand. He had learned this habit from his father, who had learned it from his, and so back, so that family gatherings often boasted roomfuls of large lip-rubbing men looking uncomfortable in dress slacks.

His gaze slipped past the researchers and past the fence onto the neatly kept land spreading through the hills behind the house, the sharp angle of the corner of his barn visible at the right. He had been working on its wide door when the cluster of students had arrived the first time and Mrs. Gallett had come out to fetch him, even… Read more »