Le Hinton

Le Hinton - Epidemic

Contest - 1st Place
Le Hinton is the author of four poetry collections including, Black on Most Days (Iris G. Press, 2008) and The… Read more »
Shenan Prestwich

Shenan Prestwich - Settling

Contest - 2nd Place
Shenan Prestwich is a Washington, DC-based poet and graduate of the Johns Hopkins University MA in Writing program. Her poems… Read more »
D.M. Armstrong
Take Care

D.M. Armstrong - Take Care

Contest - 3rd Place
D. M. Armstrong is the fiction editor of Witness Magazine and recipient of the Black Mountain Institute fellowship at UNLV,… Read more »

Take Care

D.M. Armstrong

She said she was going anywhere.

I told her that was a long way from here, which was nowhere.

She didn’t laugh.

I’d found her shivering near the highway, crouched against the wide, rust-addled post of the truckstop sign, the sign’s heavy yellow letters hollowing out a nimbus in the night sky overhead: A&K Aero-Stop, Heat and Electrical Hook-up, Shower and Eats. I’d been turning over the miles for six days, criss-crossing the country in long, jagged sojourns of sleepless hours, downing coffee and Red Bulls, yellow-bees, a few dud reds a waitress sold me—I’d even foil-burned a dull shard of meth, which tweaked me for two days and tore out my guts the whole time—in hopes of losing whatever it was was chasing me.

She was nineteen if a day, a white girl with dreads, wearing a homemade sleeveless top and a corduroy skirt. She slid into my car silently and without looking me in the eye. Then we were off again, down the hueless highway somewhere in the middle flat dark of Ohio in my old Lincoln Continental with broken number-locks on the doors and a flaking skin of topcoat dull on the hood under moonlight. The… Read more »