Ali Wisch


When working on my photography there typically isn’t any kind of method to the madness.  I always keep a camera on me and find joy in capturing things that are happening when I am in the right place at the right time.  I think the beauty in our every day lives can be found everywhere from the subway to the sidewalk and from the bathroom to the ballroom.  I find I am able to get the most out of my art when it is as spontaneous and unstructured as the best moments in life often are.


Loose and lanky, though caged. That is the essence of freedom. None of us is ever without boundaries. Yet finding joy in a singular moment—a Ta Da in an empty subway car. This image is "captured" via photo and then printed onto the viewer's consciousness: to be filed away, to linger, and to be called back, randomly, into our mind's eye.

- Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson, Baltimore Review editor