Richard Becker

Richard Becker - Chesapeake

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Michelle Matthees

Michelle Matthees - Homemade

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Greg Allendorf - Hominids

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Trent Busch

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Keith Dunlap
Motorboat Motorboat

Keith Dunlap - Motorboat Motorboat

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Michael Homolka
Rhapsody with Impasse

Michael Homolka - Rhapsody with Impasse

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Amy Krohn
The House in Illinois

Amy Krohn - The House in Illinois

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Motorboat Motorboat

Keith Dunlap

We cannot see the craft,
but only hear the sizzling drum
of its gas-fired engine
ricocheting off the top of every tree-shagged mountain
that shoulders this ancient glacial pond.
It declaims a music of the older sort:
flat benches strewn with stale cushions
and the rot of algae, dust, and motor oil;
a few desultory teenagers spilled around
its cavity like prisoners ferried
from town to town for unessential punitive tasks;
one letting his fingers scrape the corrugated glass
of the lake; another shouting a story,
which no one else can quite comprehend,
about how once he almost drowned
when his feet got tangled in a towline.
The others do not care that his words are mutilated
in the noisy air. They are content to be barely clothed
inside a motorboat as it bounces along,
like a skipping stone chucked toward its inevitable
who knows where. Read more »