Warner James Wood
A game of hold ‘em

Warner James Wood - A game of hold ‘em

Contest - 3rd Place
Warner James Wood graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology before completing his MFA in poetry… Read more »
Sarah Cedeño

Sarah Cedeño - Aftermath

Creative Nonfiction
Sarah Cedeño’s work has appeared in New World Writing, The Rumpus, Hippocampus Magazine, Bellevue Literary Review, Redactions, Literary Mama, and… Read more »
Richard Becker

Richard Becker - Chesapeake

Richard Becker’s poetry has appeared in America: The National Catholic Review, Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Prose, Cold Mountain… Read more »
Caitlin Garvey
Doll Hospital

Caitlin Garvey - Doll Hospital

Creative Nonfiction
Caitlin Garvey is a student of creative nonfiction in Northwestern University’s MFA program. She has an MA in English Literature… Read more »
Michelle Matthees

Michelle Matthees - Homemade

Michelle Matthees’ poems have appeared in Memorious, PANK, The Prose Poem Project, and numerous other journals. Her first collection, Flucht,… Read more »
Greg Allendorf

Greg Allendorf - Hominids

Greg Allendorf is originally from Cincinnati, OH. His poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from such journals as Smartish… Read more »
Trent Busch

Trent Busch - Lit

Trent Busch is a native of rural West Virginia who now lives in Georgia where he makes furniture. His poems… Read more »
Keith Dunlap
Motorboat Motorboat

Keith Dunlap - Motorboat Motorboat

Keith Dunlap’s first collection of poems, Storyland, was published in June 2016 by Hip Pocket Press. His work has appeared… Read more »
Melissa Llanes Brownlee
My Kuleana

Melissa Llanes Brownlee - My Kuleana

Melissa Llanes Brownlee is a writer born and raised in Hawaii. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,… Read more »
Eleanor Stanford
November, your metal teeth

Eleanor Stanford - November, your metal teeth

Contest - 2nd Place
Eleanor Stanford is the author of two collections of poetry, Bartram’s Garden and The Book of Sleep. Her poems and… Read more »
Michael Homolka
Rhapsody with Impasse

Michael Homolka - Rhapsody with Impasse

Michael Homolka is the author of Antiquity, winner the 2015 Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry from Sarabande Books. His… Read more »
Amy Krohn
The House in Illinois

Amy Krohn - The House in Illinois

Amy Krohn lives with her husband and three children in rural Wisconsin. Her poems have been published in Hummingbird, Kindred,… Read more »
James Gyure
The Meter Reader

James Gyure - The Meter Reader

James Gyure lives, writes, and makes wine in western Pennsylvania, where he had a long career as a college administrator.… Read more »
Terri Trespicio
The Rules of Boxball

Terri Trespicio - The Rules of Boxball

Contest - 1st Place
Terri Trespicio is a New York–based writer, speaker, and branding expert. A former senior editor and radio host at Martha… Read more »
Allegra Hyde
Why I Killed My Canary

Allegra Hyde - Why I Killed My Canary

Allegra Hyde’s short story collection, Of This New World, won the John Simmons Short Fiction Award and will be published… Read more »

The Meter Reader

James Gyure

It’s late morning on a day at the very end of December, just a week away from the three-year anniversary of my wife’s death, a day windy and frigid, but brighter than July, the cloudless sky a shade of blue that stings. I’m at the window in my second-floor study, where my class preparations for the upcoming term are going well, and I’m watching a meter reader in a fluorescent orange vest moving from house to house along the street.

There’s more than a foot of snow on the ground, and I’m watching this figure trudge through our wide suburban yards, the sun reflecting off the deep, packed snow with a glare that is nearly blinding. Even though the meter reader is on the opposite side of the street, and still a couple of houses away, I suddenly realize that the figure is female. I’m used to guys stomping around the house. I usually hear them before I see them, talking loudly on cell phones and walkie-talkies, checking the gas meter, smoke-testing sewers, climbing ladders to install cable. She is clearly not one of those guys.

I fall in love with her immediately.

This surprises me. Not that… Read more »