Adam Carpenter

Adam Carpenter - #ponytailforjail

Contest - 3rd Place
Adam Carpenter loves writing like a fat kid loves cake. He teaches English, produces music, and is one-half of the… Read more »
Geoff Wyss
Black and White

Geoff Wyss - Black and White

Geoff Wyss’s book of stories, How, won the Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction and was published in 2012.… Read more »
Lina Ferreira

Lina Ferreira - Cain

Lina Ferreira is the author of “Drown Sever Sing” and currently works as a visiting assistant professor in The Ohio… Read more »
Robert Evory
Cartel Sadness

Robert Evory - Cartel Sadness

Robert Evory is a poet and musician from Detroit, Michigan. With an MFA from Syracuse University he currently teaches creative… Read more »
Gregory Wolos

Gregory Wolos - Diorama

Gregory Wolos’s short fiction has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Post Road, Nashville Review, A-Minor Magazine, JMWW, Yemassee, The… Read more »
Sarah Giragosian
Family History

Sarah Giragosian - Family History

Contest - 2nd Place
Sarah Giragosian’s first book of poems Queer Fish won the 2014 American Poetry Journal Book Prize and will be published… Read more »
Daniel Uncapher
Five Handy Men

Daniel Uncapher - Five Handy Men

Creative Nonfiction
Daniel Uncapher is a graduate of the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, where he won multiple awards in the… Read more »
Jaclyn Dwyer
Geography Lessons

Jaclyn Dwyer - Geography Lessons

Creative Nonfiction
Jaclyn Dwyer has published poems in Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, Iron Horse Review, Rattle, Columbia Poetry Review, New Ohio Review, The… Read more »
Jen DeGregorio

Jen DeGregorio - Intruder

Jen DeGregorio’s poetry and prose has appeared in Able Muse, The Collagist, PANK, The Rumpus, and other publications. She… Read more »
Jane Rose Porter
It's Clean

Jane Rose Porter - It's Clean

Contest - 1st Place
Jane Rose Porter is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York. She was a 2013 Emerging Writer Fellow… Read more »
Caitlin Scarano
Moon Among Mammals

Caitlin Scarano - Moon Among Mammals

Caitlin Scarano is a poet in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PhD creative writing program. She was a finalist for the… Read more »
Jehanne Dubrow
Nocturne with Orders to Yokosuka

Jehanne Dubrow - Nocturne with Orders to Yokosuka

Jehanne Dubrow is the author of five poetry collections, including most recently The Arranged Marriage (U of New Mexico P,… Read more »
John Walser
Nothing Howls

John Walser - Nothing Howls

John Walser, an associate professor of English at Marian University in Wisconsin and a founding member of the Foot of… Read more »
Kate Folk

Kate Folk - Shueyville

Kate Folk is from Iowa and now lives in San Francisco. Her stories have appeared in Monkeybicycle, Word Riot, Colorado… Read more »
Amie Whittemore
Spell for the End of Grief

Amie Whittemore - Spell for the End of Grief

Amie Whittemore earned her MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her poems have appeared in North American Review, Smartish… Read more »
Curtis Smith
The Culvert

Curtis Smith - The Culvert

Curtis Smith has published over one hundred stories and essays. His most recent books are Beasts and Men (stories, Press… Read more »
Gary Hawkins
The Surveyor

Gary Hawkins - The Surveyor

Gary Hawkins is a poet, teacher, and scholar who grew up in the suburbs of the West. His debut collection… Read more »
Kate Washington
The Winding

Kate Washington - The Winding

Creative Nonfiction
Kate Washington is a freelance writer and essayist whose work has appeared in a wide range of publications, from The… Read more »

The Surveyor

Gary Hawkins

Who says the eye loves level,
loves plumb, loves the stiff weeks
in spring when the tractors
cirrus the grey hills,
dragging under the grey sun,
loves the dashes terraced into slopes,
the stooped women back of houses
staking their rows, and their cellars
where lidless jars align the shelves,
loves the split rail and the culvert,
loves the section line running out to the county seat,
loves the thin border of macadam and weeds
that a collie runs a full mile
defining his property from me—I who love
to wander the river trails,
to meander and bend,
to slow in the mud of red clay,
to cut off the sky deep in the hackberry and the low mesquite,
to lose my way. Read more »