Jacqueline Kolosov
Equine Character: A Meditation

Jacqueline Kolosov - Equine Character: A Meditation

Contest - 2nd Place
Jacqueline Kolosov is Professor of English at Texas Tech where she teaches in the graduate and undergraduate creative writing program.… Read more »
Alisha Karabinus
Siri on Lesbian Sex

Alisha Karabinus - Siri on Lesbian Sex

Contest - 3rd Place
Alisha Karabinus is co-founder and Executive Editor of Revolution House magazine and an MFA candidate in Fiction at Purdue University,… Read more »
Marcia Aldrich

Marcia Aldrich - Swimmers

Contest - 1st Place
Marcia Aldrich is the author of the free memoir Girl Rearing, published by W.W. Norton and part of the Barnes… Read more »

Siri on Lesbian Sex

Alisha Karabinus

Martina woke with a hollow feeling in her crotch and the phone alarm screeching in her ear, and only when it quieted did she realize she was naked except for a T-shirt crooked across her chest, one arm pulled out of the sleeve. Only then did she remember the woman from the bar, and thinking ohmygod ohmygod, she jerked her head toward the brownstone’s tiny bathroom, half-rising under the crumpled tangerine sheet, but the door was open, the room dark, and she sighed relief that the mystery woman hadn’t slept over—and what was her name? did she know? did it matter?—because all she could remember was swigging from a heart-shaped flask in the cab and talking to her phone, asking, “Siri, do you like girls?” and the woman, dark blond hair like corn silks, she remembered that, she had laughed too when the phone replied, “I’d rather not say”—pause—”Martina.” Martin-uhhh, in that robot voice, and they’d shrieked like teenagers. “Me either”—pause—”Martin-uhhh,” the woman repeated, then kissed her hard, Martina’s head banging against the window, but she hadn’t cared; she was drunk and the woman was scratching stubby turquoise nails down Martina’s thighs while, in the mirror, the cabbie’s eyes gleamed… Read more »