Charlie Bondhus
Built Fire

Charlie Bondhus - Built Fire

Charlie Bondhus has published two books of poetry—What We Have Learned to Love, which won Brickhouse Books’s 2008-2009 Stonewall Competition,… Read more »
Jonathan Travelstead
Dream of Car Wreck and Failed Extrication

Jonathan Travelstead - Dream of Car Wreck and Failed Extrication

Jonathan Travelstead served in the Air Force National Guard for six years as a firefighter and currently works as a… Read more »
Liz Robbins

Liz Robbins - heat

Liz Robbins’ second full collection, Play Button, won the 2010 Cider Press Review Book Award, judged by Patricia Smith. Her… Read more »
darlene anita scott
How to Keep a Secret

darlene anita scott - How to Keep a Secret

darlene anita scott shares the role of “baby of the family” with a twin sister who found her fifth grade… Read more »
Doris Ferleger
Instead of Angels

Doris Ferleger - Instead of Angels

Doris Ferleger, Ph.D., is a prizewinning poet whose debut book of poetry, Big Silences in a Year of Rain (available… Read more »
Leslie F. Miller

Leslie F. Miller - intersection

Leslie F. Miller likes to break things and put them back together in a random, yet tasteful, order. A writer,… Read more »
Gerard Beirne
Meditation #21 Nothing Is The Matter

Gerard Beirne - Meditation #21 Nothing Is The Matter

Gerard Beirne is an Irish writer now living in Canada where he teaches at the University of New Brunswick and… Read more »
Grace Cavalieri
The Portrait

Grace Cavalieri - The Portrait

Grace Cavalieri’s newest publications are a chapbook, Gotta Go Now, 2012 and a novella in verse, Millie’s Sunshine Tiki Villas,… Read more »
Sid Gold
Wild Dog

Sid Gold - Wild Dog

Sid Gold’s two books are Working Vocabulary (Washington Writers’ Publishing House) and The Year of the Dog Throwers (Broadkill River… Read more »


Liz Robbins

the end of heat means smoke, ghost, fall, pregnancy—
i tell you, heat the true human religion—undoing ice,
frying meat—we blood-made, of heat ambrosia, cops
packing protection, not yet ghosts cropped from future
films, heat the parole officer's checklist, fire lit under
a glass pipe's bowl—oh hot sauce on hash, on greens,
on eggs, oh cat of the evening who yowls, fecund and
cabbagy—oh hot-air balloon adrift and rainbowed, oh
bucket, oh list, oh blown-clear dream—the mouth's
cinnamon gum, the tongue burned for black coffee,
green tea, steak fries, altogether hungry, the love-
bugs conjoined in a windshield's hot blades, what
vibrating heat, hammers falling on strings, a minuet,
hammers falling on knees, a caveat—or all heat illicit
may we have mercy—kid with her wrist strung in
carlighter burns, red-eye machine with paternity-
news, desperate-head eyes in despair's plastic bag—
from each light a heat, whispering reproach or relief Read more »