Liz Prato
A Haole Guide to Hawaiian Taxonomy

Liz Prato - A Haole Guide to Hawaiian Taxonomy

Creative Nonfiction
Liz Prato is the author of the short story collection Baby’s on Fire (Press 53). Her work has appeared in… Read more »
Maura Stanton

Maura Stanton - Ballerina

Maura Stanton has won the Nelson Algren Award from The Chicago Tribune, the Lawrence Foundation Award from The Michigan Quarterly… Read more »
Shevaun Brannigan

Shevaun Brannigan - Committed

Shevaun Brannigan is a graduate of the Bennington Writing Seminars, as well as The Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House at The University… Read more »
Beth Goldner
Cuba Cuba Cuba

Beth Goldner - Cuba Cuba Cuba

Beth Goldner is a protocol associate, developing clinical trials in radiation oncology. For over a decade, she worked as a… Read more »
Matt Izzi
Dead Weight

Matt Izzi - Dead Weight

Matt Izzi was born in Rhode Island and lives in East Boston. His short fiction, drama, and humor have appeared… Read more »
Andrea Marcusa
Hammam Language

Andrea Marcusa - Hammam Language

Creative Nonfiction
Andrea Marcusa is a fiction and essay writer. Her work has appeared in Epiphany, River Styx, Ontario Review, New South,… Read more »
Jeff Whitney

Jeff Whitney - Meteors

Jeff Whitney is the author of five chapbooks, two of which were co-written with Philip Schaefer. His poems can be… Read more »
Andrew Collard
Portrait With Elegy And Iodine

Andrew Collard - Portrait With Elegy And Iodine

Andrew Collard lives in Kalamazoo, MI, where he attends grad school and teaches. His recent poems are forthcoming in Mid-American… Read more »
Audrey Gradzewicz
Song of Marshall Applewhite

Audrey Gradzewicz - Song of Marshall Applewhite

Audrey Gradzewicz was born in Buffalo, New York. Her poems have been published by, or are forthcoming from, Southern Indiana… Read more »
Rebecca Bornstein
Summer Vacation

Rebecca Bornstein - Summer Vacation

Rebecca Bornstein is a poet and worker currently living in Portland, Oregon. She’s held jobs as a production cook, professional… Read more »
Devon Miller-Duggan

Devon Miller-Duggan - Tales

Devon Miller-Duggan has published poems in Rattle, Shenandoah, Margie, Christianity and Literature, and Gargoyle. She teaches Creative Writing at the… Read more »
Michael Smith
The Way Home

Michael Smith - The Way Home

Creative Nonfiction
Michael Smith is a writer, Francophile, and photographer residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. His writing has appeared or is… Read more »
Gail Martin
Their Shapes Determined By How Cold The Air

Gail Martin - Their Shapes Determined By How Cold The Air

Gail Martin is the author of two books, Begin Empty-Handed (Perugia Press) and The Hourglass Heart (New Issues). A Michigan… Read more »
Tim Hillegonds
To Make at Once Both Tender and Fierce

Tim Hillegonds - To Make at Once Both Tender and Fierce

Creative Nonfiction
Tim Hillegonds earned a Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing (MAWP) from DePaul University in Chicago. His work has… Read more »
Drew McCutchen
Zombie Horror

Drew McCutchen - Zombie Horror

Drew McCutchen lives and writes in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys hiking and backpacking in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. He… Read more »


Maura Stanton

It was snowing. And the factory was closed for two days. The electronic stamping machines had been turned off, the heat had been lowered just enough to keep the water flowing through the pipes, and the robot janitorial staff had been locked into the storeroom. But Wolfgang, the big metal hulk who had more AI than most other robots, had not been turned off. He looked dumb, but he’d tricked the humans into pushing the wrong button on his neck, and now he was always running.

Wolfgang went around and turned on all the others. The ones who resembled humans were dressed in old yoga outfits, or baggy jeans, and wore sneakers. The metal ones who looked like machines glowed silver in the snow light coming in the high grated window. Each robot stretched its limbs or hoses and turned its head or protrusion back and forth. Wolfgang—he’d been named Wolfgang by the North Dakota humans because there was something wolf-like about his eyes and pointy nose—had fallen in love with the new robot named Anna who’d been unpacked a few weeks ago. She’d gone rogue in Paris. She’d been sent to a repair lab, but humans no longer trusted… Read more »