Maura Stanton

Maura Stanton - Ballerina

Maura Stanton has won the Nelson Algren Award from The Chicago Tribune, the Lawrence Foundation Award from The Michigan Quarterly… Read more »
Beth Goldner
Cuba Cuba Cuba

Beth Goldner - Cuba Cuba Cuba

Beth Goldner is a protocol associate, developing clinical trials in radiation oncology. For over a decade, she worked as a… Read more »
Matt Izzi
Dead Weight

Matt Izzi - Dead Weight

Matt Izzi was born in Rhode Island and lives in East Boston. His short fiction, drama, and humor have appeared… Read more »
Drew McCutchen
Zombie Horror

Drew McCutchen - Zombie Horror

Drew McCutchen lives and writes in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys hiking and backpacking in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. He… Read more »

Cuba Cuba Cuba

Beth Goldner

“There’s a lady out there reading a Harlequin and smoking a fat cigar. I think she caught me staring at her.”

I had just walked into the room from our hotel balcony.

“What’s a harlequin?” Zakhar asked.

“Cheesy romance novel.”

“Well, that cigar sure isn’t cheesy. I can smell it from here. We should invite her to join us for dinner. That’s a good one she’s got.”

Zakhar and I were at the Melia Resort in Cozumel to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We had not had sex in four months. I refused to sleep with him because he had cheated on me with a Russian whore in his office. I said that I forgave him. But I didn’t. He refused to sleep with me anyway because I would not go visit my mother. She was dying of bone cancer. He said I am disrespectful and shameful and, until I went, he would not love me in the way I should be loved.


I met Zakhar when his sister and I drove into each other’s cars on the Arrivals ramp at the Philadelphia International Airport. I was picking up a friend. Zakhar was standing… Read more »