Sean Prentiss
All the Varieties of Hunger

Sean Prentiss - All the Varieties of Hunger

Sean Prentiss is the author of the memoir, Finding Abbey: a Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave.… Read more »
Tally Brennan
How We Live

Tally Brennan - How We Live

Tally Brennan is a recovered computer programmer, happy to have emerged from the cubicle as a writer of fiction. Her… Read more »
Lynn Gordon
Staying Up All Night

Lynn Gordon - Staying Up All Night

Lynn Gordon’s fiction has appeared in Epiphany, The Southampton Review, Hobart, Zone 3, South Dakota Review, and elsewhere. She lives… Read more »
Sam Katz
The Prisoners

Sam Katz - The Prisoners

Sam Katz was born in Korea and now lives in Philadelphia. His fiction has appeared in The Good Men Project,… Read more »
Caroline Bruckner
The Song of a Dog

Caroline Bruckner - The Song of a Dog

Caroline Bruckner is a writer and screenwriter based in Vienna, Austria. Her short film The Confession won the Student Academy… Read more »

Staying Up All Night

Lynn Gordon

One morning Artie is late waking up Paul. He lies in his bed at Distel House with his whole body spread out, the covers soft and heavy on top of him. He wants to stay still and not ever move, but finally he goes to Paul’s room and knocks and goes in. Millie is in there, handing Paul his shirt, and she says, “Artie, this was your job and you didn’t do it.” Artie opens his arms to hug Millie, but she’s moving around and he can’t hold on. “Go shave. Get dressed,” she says. She flipflaps her hand. “We don’t need you in here now.”

Paul makes a face with his eyes wrinkled up. He says, “It’s Artie’s fault, Millie. Isn’t it, Millie?”

At dinner that night, Paul tells in front of everybody that Artie made him late. It’s Artie’s best dinner, meat balls, and Paul is making them taste awful. The van came to take people to work, Paul says, but he wasn’t ready and he had to leave without eating his egg. He had to run to the van with his shoe laces flinging around, while everybody waited and laughed. And then he had to fix… Read more »