Kenji C. Liu
After Tofu Mantra II

Kenji C. Liu - After Tofu Mantra II

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American Typewriter

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Green Aquarium

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Had I Been Any God of Power

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Remembering Roundness

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Rachel Linnea Brown
To Ply

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Elizabeth Spires
When They Go

Elizabeth Spires - When They Go

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To Ply

Rachel Linnea Brown

I gather
a fistful of roving—

guttural bleats, wobble-legged
searching after fat pink teats—

silence as my mother’s shuttle
crosses her warp—the pattern

in weave, her whirring fingers—

and drop
my spindle again—

afterbirth I mistook for a lamb
and its legs    I folded into earth

after years—yellow lawn chairs
rounding the grave my mother

and I dug     in our rooted field.

I will twist into cream

and gray and moorit skeins—

and tuck all

away from moths      and dust
for my eventual, casting on— Read more »