Kenji C. Liu
After Tofu Mantra II

Kenji C. Liu - After Tofu Mantra II

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Matthew Lippman
American Typewriter

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Anne Barngrover

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Zackary Sholem Berger
Green Aquarium

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Had I Been Any God of Power

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Remembering Roundness

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Rachel Linnea Brown
To Ply

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Elizabeth Spires
When They Go

Elizabeth Spires - When They Go

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Anne Barngrover

I used to fiddle with the cigarette burns
in the quilt my dead grandma made for me.
Open mouths lipsticked with rust—
button ghosts

that showed me worlds lit by green water
whenever I peered through: where the dead
fish and drink beer. I’d whisper to her,
What’s crackin’?

and she’d hoot back, Girl, my fingers plug
gills all damn day and I suck down fried catfish
all night long.
I’m glad she’s happy now:
child bride

at fifteen, her boys raised wild like bad stars.
Her skin yellowed a little more each winter.
I found a cicada with her blue eyes
the day she died. Read more »