Kate Leary
Delivery Boy

Kate Leary - Delivery Boy

Kate Leary’s work has appeared in Word Riot, Harpur Palate, and Night Train, and she was a fiction editor of… Read more »
Robert Earle
How Chung’s Sister Got Her Name

Robert Earle - How Chung’s Sister Got Her Name

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John Byrne
I’m Going To Let You Go, Okay?

John Byrne - I’m Going To Let You Go, Okay?

John Byrne is the founder and chairman of Raw Story, a political news website, and has previously written for The… Read more »
Matthew Neill Null
Natural Resources

Matthew Neill Null - Natural Resources

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Margarite Landry
Out of Egypt

Margarite Landry - Out of Egypt

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Brandon Davis Jennings

Brandon Davis Jennings - Spectres

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Rachel Lyon
The Installation

Rachel Lyon - The Installation

Rachel Lyon received her MFA in creative writing at Indiana University and her BA at Princeton. She has been, among… Read more »
Emma Gabrielle Silverman
The Star of David

Emma Gabrielle Silverman - The Star of David

Emma Gabrielle Silverman lives in Ithaca, New York where she is a yoga instructor at Cornell University. She has previously… Read more »
Daniel O’Malley

Daniel O’Malley - Uncle

Daniel O’Malley grew up in Cedar Hill, Missouri, and currently lives in Huntington, West Virginia. His fiction has appeared in… Read more »

The Star of David

Emma Gabrielle Silverman

Although it looked like his nose had been broken many times, he moved so quickly it never had. His mother, who loved him, would say, “Abi, my baby, he looks like an eagle, no?” There was something avian about him. Abraham Katcher’s hair was perpetually slicked back with pomade. The pomade, however, was often forgotten: his hands would fly up to smooth his hair back, only to retreat to his sides when they met the greased-up hairline. His eyebrows resembled an unruly plumage. They met in the center, exploring north in tiny, renegade hairs that spread across the lower forehead. Pointy chin, smaller mouth—nothing exceptional except that, like most birds, he was born handsome and austere and would remain so his entire life.

So, yes, the nose was larger (and crooked), the eyebrows explosive (his mother would say, “expressive”), but Abraham, Abi, was a good looking young man. He wasn’t known for his looks, though. Abi Katcher was the best boxer his neighborhood had ever seen, and the best Jewish boxer they ever would.

His fans who lived on New York’s Lower East Side, and they were plentiful, could be forgiven for gossiping about him. Abi was famous… Read more »