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JD Scott is the author of two chapbooks, Night Errands (YellowJacket Press, 2012) and Funerals & Thrones (Birds of Lace… Read more »
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Clockwork Girl at the Opera

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Siân Griffiths lives in Ogden, Utah, where she directs the Creative Writing Program at Weber State University. Her work has… Read more »
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J. Eric McNeil is a former English teacher, student publications advisor, and fiction editor and designer of the literary magazine… Read more »
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The Animals We Go to War With

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Joseph Rakowski received his bachelor’s degree in criminology from Florida State University and is pursuing his MFA in fiction at… Read more »
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Tad Bartlett was born in Ankara, Turkey; grew up in Selma, Alabama; and married into New Orleans. His fiction has… Read more »
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The Animals We Go to War With

Joseph Rakowski

The best bomb-sniffing, greatest warrior elite dogs in the world are Belgian Malinois. Not retrievers or hounds, not German shepherds or mutts, or even the chief representatives of those breeds like Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Benji, or Frankie, the dog that can sniff out thyroid cancer. No, it’s the Belgian Malinois, not just for their sense of smell, but for their willingness to please and their bravery. There are two famous Malinois: Cairo, the Navy Seal commando canine that took a mouthful out of Bin Laden. The other is Murtaugh Mad Dog Riggs. Named appropriately after the character duo in the buddy-cop film, Lethal Weapon. This dog was handled by Staff Sgt. César González of the 101st Airborne Division. If there was a Jesus on Earth, it was this dog; never did anyone protect or love César more unconditionally. A drooling, butt-sniffing, love machine that possesses stoicism and patience for a kind not all too worthy.


Mad Dog is resting between the thighs of César, his head propped up on César’s knee, looking at him intently with those golden brown eyes. César’s eating a Beef Roast w/ Vegetables MRE and letting Mad Dog lick the fork after… Read more »