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A Cincinnati Boil

J. Scott Bugher - A Cincinnati Boil

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A Cincinnati Boil

J. Scott Bugher

When I was trapped and taken away
from the wetlands, it felt like stepping outside
a freezing movie theater in August
somewhere near Death Valley, where airstreams
are the fumes of ten thousand blow dryers
and the sun is within walking distance.
All I could do was panic with the others piled over me
inside the crate. The trapdoor fell open.
We were dropped onto a conveyor belt and transported
to a purging tank where they held us in shallow pools
of water with citric acid and baking soda.
My skin was bleached the color of blood orange.
I had never felt so pure.
Minutes later a group of us were trapped inside
a burlap sack cinched with a drawstring.
There must have been a hundred of us
sacked together, unable to move. We were one hundred
muscle spasms covered in bone, fighting to maintain a pulse.
After our redeye to Cincinnati, we were released
into a cooler of water in the bed… Read more »