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Phillip Gardner
Winner Take Nothing

Phillip Gardner - Winner Take Nothing

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Jordan Rossen and Paul Rossen
You Thrive Now

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Winner Take Nothing

Phillip Gardner

I’m sitting on our ragged sofa holding my triple-aught Martin and experimenting with open tunings, looking for a kind of Keith Richards’ Start Me Up chord, when my girlfriend Beverly answers the doorbell. I’d written the lyrics for a song called We Both Loved You Best, but I had no music. I’m channeling Keith when I hear Beverly squeal.

She’s already dressed for work, Hooter’s T-shirt and those skintight hot pants, bright orange ones. And now she’s standing before the mailman doing this cheerleader thing where she goes up on her tiptoes and smacks her pompoms together just under her chin. The mailman, who’s getting a good eyeful, holds out a pen.

“No thanks,” I say to him.

“Sign,” Beverly says in this real breathy voice. “That’s what you do when you’ve won a contest. That’s how they verify the winner.”

“No thanks,” I say again to the postman.

“I’ve been entering every contest there is,” she says.

The postman looks at her chest.

“Then why isn’t it addressed to you?” The mail guy begins his impatient marching in place thing. “Thanks but no thanks,” I say. He starts down the sidewalk.

“What?” Beverly shouts. “This could be it… Read more »