Peter Vilbig

Peter Vilbig - Buckets

Peter Vilbig is a writer and teacher in Brooklyn, New York. His most recent story, “Receptacle,” can be read in… Read more »
Nick Sawatsky

Nick Sawatsky - Nourish

When Nick Sawatsky isn’t writing, he’s studying writing at Hiram College. Or editing said writing or submitting to literary magazines… Read more »
Peter Kispert
Off Trajectory

Peter Kispert - Off Trajectory

Peter Kispert recently served as the editor-in-chief of Indiana Review, where he founded an annual book prize partnership with Indiana… Read more »
Philip Gardner
Winner Take Nothing

Philip Gardner - Winner Take Nothing

Phillip Gardner’s stories have appeared in Euphony, New Delta Review, Interim, The North American Review and LIT. He is the… Read more »
Jordan Rossen and Paul Rossen
You Thrive Now

Jordan Rossen and Paul Rossen - You Thrive Now

Jordan Rossen’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Albion Review, Apalachee Review, Fourteen Hills, and elsewhere. He has… Read more »


Nick Sawatsky

Us Bowbar girls hopped off the school bus like we always did and the high school boys in the back with their hot hanging tongues had the windows ripped open and were barking about us being white trash bastard girls, like they always did. Chastity flashed her titties and I gave them the bird. They hooted and hollered and humped their seats, slapped palms against the windows and who knows what else cause we were already gone stomping through the park.

Me and Chassy and Olive, we went reckless past lawn ornaments, things that were bought wild pink, but got tamed pale with time in the hot sandpit sun. We spun ourselves dizzy in circles past dogs furious on chains, pit bulls hazed over with heat madness, mouths like boy mouths: saliva wet, wanting, full of yellow teeth smashing. Chassy shook her ass at them, squeezed her boobs. The dogs on their chains, pulling their chains taught, ripped with paws at the air for girl meat. She skipped passed them then halted, kicked her feet back playing bull.

Our trailer park was full of deer shit. The pellets were scattered across the dirt bed lawns, over welcome mats. The deer,… Read more »