Summer Contest Theme - Threes

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s summer contest is Threes. Three—what? That’s entirely up to you. Tercets. Three stanzas. Three characters. Three rooms. Three wishes. Three sisters. Three apples. A three-fingered man. Triplets. A trinity. A triumvirate. A trio. A three on the roll of the dice. Three of swords. The rule of three. Third time's the charm. So many possibilities.

Three winners will be selected from among all entries. 3,000-word limit for fiction and creative nonfiction. One to three poems in an entry. All entries considered for publication.

Prizes are $500, $200, and $100. Entry fee is $10. All contest entries, regardless of genre, should be submitted through Contest link.

Final judge:  Michael Kimball 

Michael Kimball is the author of five books, including Big Ray (which The Wall Street Journal calls “mesmerizing”), Dear Everybody (which The Believer calls “a curatorial masterpiece”), and Us (which Time Out Chicago calls “a simply gorgeous and astonishing book”). His work has been on NPR’s All Things Considered and in Vice, as well as The Guardian, Bomb, Prairie Schooner, Post Road, New York Tyrant, and other publications.

Deadline is May 31, 2013