Seven Scenes for Fiction Writers, Vol. 2

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Seven Scenes for Fiction Writers, Vol. 2

A Project of The Baltimore Review

Seven Scenes for Fiction Writers is a one-week (+) opportunity for writers to practice writing vivid scenes and to give and receive structured feedback on a user-friendly learning platform.

Each day beginning Saturday, August 22, 2015 at noon, we will post five ideas for a scene, 1,000 words or less (very short scenes are fine), that could be used in a work of fiction. Participants write scenes, then give and receive feedback in the Discussion section.

Unable to write a scene on each of the seven days? Want to backtrack and write a scene from a previous day? Not a problem. Post when you can. But do try to provide brief feedback to others. I will too!

Each day's possibilities page will remain open, and you will be able to post scenes and give and receive feedback, for one week after the Day Seven page is published. 

Remember that scenes should engage the reader's imagination. Characters should act, and readers often enjoy hearing them talk, too. Use precise, sensory details.

Cut and paste your scene into the discussion box on the right of each day's page. Click "Post" when you're ready to share. Then reply with brief feedback to at least two other writers, using the following structure:

Feedback structure:

Respond to fellow participants’ scenes with the following: 

(1) a strength of the scene

(2) a suggestion the writer may wish to consider when revising

(3) an idea or two for related scenes to consider in developing a story further (stretches your own imagination in the process)

That's it. Pretty simple, right? 1-2-3. 

Plus some bonus content along the way.

Please submit your registration request through the Seven Scenes category in Submittable. In the cover letter box, just type your name and email address and "Sign me up for Seven Scenes." Cost for workshop: $35. You'll receive an email invitation before the course starts.