Our First Online Issue

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Welcome to the first online issue of The Baltimore Review. The response to our call for submissions was overwhelming—and I mean that in a good way. Writers, it was an honor to read your work.

If you submitted work and haven’t heard from us, please know that you haven’t been forgotten. We are now considering work for our spring issue. From now on, we’ll be reviewing and posting new work quarterly, so we should be able to keep to that three-months-or-less response time in the future.

Contests will be twice a year—one during each submission period. We will announce our new theme soon.

All work published online will be collected in annual print issues. We expect that our first print collection (first collection of work published online, that is; we’ve been publishing print issues for a long time) will be published after the spring issue.

I hope that all our readers find something here that pushes out their walls a bit, makes their room feel larger, lights a lamp in some small corner.

Thank you.