One More Category for the Winter Issue - and a Lot of Other “C” Words

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

See this visual prompt?

The title of this photo by Michael Whalen is "Landing." Did it set the cogs and gears of your mind in motion? Excellent.

Submit your response in the "Prompt Response" category at the Submit link. You have a lot of leeway, and we're eager to see how all those minds out there respond. In fact, we'd be shocked if any two responses are even remotely alike.

But yes, there are rules. And some guidelines.

500 words or less. A lot less is fine. Don't feel compelled to use exactly 500 words. The deadline for this is a bit later than for the other categories:  December 31, 2012

We want: Compression. Concision. Clarity. Context. Coherence. Probably a lot more C words. Essentially, make it essence, essential. But we do not want to be Confused. You can be Complex, but we should make the Connections. Especially the Connection to the visual prompt.

Make it a prose poem or flash fiction with poetic tendencies. Or surprise us. Make it a hybrid. Or something entirely new.

We'll be posting more photos, too. Stay tuned.

Can't wait to read your work.