BR HEAT theme contest deadline extended until May 31

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Why? Because Walt Whitman was born on May 31? Because William Faulker published "The Kid Learns" in 1925 and "The Tall Men" in 1941--both on May 31? Because this is the day in 1957 Arthur Miller was convicted for refusing give up the names of alleged Communist writers? Because on that day in 1998 Ginger Spice announced she was quitting the Spice Girls?  Because there are 31 days in May, not 30, and a lot of writers will spend way too much time pondering the reason we did not select the last day of a month, unlike many other journals out there, when they could be engaged in more productive activities, like Googling things that happened on May 31?


So bring 'em on.

Remember that all contest submissions--poems, stories, CNF--should be submitted through the Submittable "Contest" category. Trust me--this will work. We can tell the difference.

$10 entry fee.