Spring Issue Fever

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

A father falling from the sky, angels playing horns, holy spume, a murder of crows, grass tall as a tornado, hundreds of razorblack wings, a dismantled sun, a touch of ice, a line scratched into the horizon, a broth of sin and bliss, girls in yellow bikinis, professor curtis, a wife's discipline, pills and bills, a John Deere, a 1988 blue Toyota Corolla, a small cemetery, roadside memorials, a .22 pistol, firemen and paramedics, a map drawn on the soul, an open van door . . .

I think what we have here is a case of spring fever.

Fix yourself a drink. Sit back and relax. Read.

There's some heady stuff in here.

Wishing all our readers and writers an exhilarating spring,

The BR Editors