100-Word Challenge: Call for Prose Poems/Micro Fiction

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Readers, you'll note that we have included five Visuals inspired by our "Heat" theme.

The challenge: Respond to any of these images that spark something in you.

How? Write a 100-word prose poem or micro fiction. 100 words only. Really. Not one word more. Not one word less. Email them (yes, email, not the submission system for these) to editor@baltimorereview.org.

Spark something in the editors, and we'll publish your work on the page with the image you chose. No waiting. We like it--up it goes.

Can't wait to see how you respond to this challenge.

Remember:  100 words. Not one word more. Not one word less.

Here's one of the images. Check out the Visuals page for the others.