by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Let me get a little sentimental here. For just a couple of minutes. I promise. The Baltimore Review is now celebrating 20 years of publishing and, yes, this really is a very big deal for me. In the coming months, expect us to celebrate in as many ways as… Read more »


The Unruly Discipline

by Fredric Sinclair

It starts with solitude. And doing nothing. In bed before sleep. Daydreaming at work. Sitting on the subway. That’s when writing begins, when solitude is more madhouse than meditation. I honestly don’t know exactly how ideas form out of the maelstrom of moods, intimations, abstractions, hormonal distractions. The barest… Read more »


Oh, wait. This is a holiday weekend.

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

And you're supposed to be having fun, right? Grilling shish kebabs. Playing croquet with the kids. Quaffing a couple of cold ones . . . Unless trimming the fat from your prose and shopping for elegant nouns and verbs is your idea of fun. And yes, for some of… Read more »


The Businesslike Approach of BR Conributor Angela Morales

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Read how Angela Morales took a businesslike approach to submitting her essays to literary journals in the May/June 2016 issue of Poets & Writers. Every essay in her recently published book, The Girls in My Town, was first published in a journal—including the Spring 2012 issue of The Baltimore… Read more »


Baltimore Review Interview with Geoff Wyss

by Seth Sawyers

We enjoy checking in with writers we’ve published in past issues. We loved Geoff Wyss’s “Black and White,” a story about a teacher who is mistaken by the New Orleans police for someone much more dangerous but also a story that gradually becomes, well, self-aware. We published Wyss’s story… Read more »


AWP Envy

by Jennifer Lee

I’d been writing for over ten years before I even heard of the AWP conference. Friends who’d recently finished an MFA were going, and for days beforehand it was all they talked about. Nowadays I’m well aware when the annual writers conference rolls around. As surely as sap begins… Read more »


Baltimore Review to Participate in the 2016 CityLit Festival

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Yes, through the magic of multiple editors who can juggle responsibilities in the air without dropping even one promotional item (BR airplanes!), flier, book, pen, mug, or credit card reader, the BR will be present at not only Split This Rock in D.C. on April 16 but also Baltimore's… Read more »


Throwback Thursday - “A Love Supreme” by Mary Morris

by Holly Sneeringer

We are honored to feature “A Love Supreme” by Mary Morris, originally published in our Spring 2012 issue.  It is an opportunity to revisit this elegant poem where different art forms converge, adding breadth and depth to the ongoing spiritual conversation that John Coltrane’s song pulls us into. And… Read more »


Baltimore Review to Participate in “Split This Rock” Book Fair

by Barbafa Westwood Diehl

Attending the 2016 Split This Rock Poetry Festival in DC? Be sure to stop by the Book Fair on April 16 and say Hello. Haven't purchased a copy of Baltimore Review 2015 yet? You can pick up a copy at a lower price than you see online. Some fun… Read more »


“Seven Scenes for Fiction Writers” is Back!

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

A Project of The Baltimore Review "Seven Scenes for Fiction Writers" is a one-week+ opportunity for writers to practice writing vivid scenes and to give and receive structured feedback on a user-friendly online learning platform. Seriously. You don't need to be a computer wiz. Each day beginning Saturday, March… Read more »