An Interview with Elizabeth Spires

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

The Baltimore Review presents a video interview with celebrated poet Elizabeth Spires. The interview was conducted by Baltimore Review editor and fellow poet Michael Salcman on the campus of Goucher College, where Spires currently teaches the craft of poetry. The interview was filmed by Grant Miller. View the interview… Read more »


Q&A with Dinty W. Moore

by Liv Lansdale

LL: I often find myself thinking of creative nonfiction as a less imaginative genre, though plenty of essayists and op-ed writers insist otherwise.  Could you discuss the role imagination plays in your writing?  DWM: There are two ways imagination comes into play with creative nonfiction. The first is simply… Read more »


A Conversation with Maryland Poet Laureate Stanley Plumly

by Kathleen Hellen

The interview was conducted on December 4, 2009, prior to the publication of his collection, Orphan Hours. The interview originally appeared in the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of The Baltimore Review.   KH: Can you talk about what you call the “abrupt edge”? SP: The abrupt edge is actually an… Read more »


On Paper Books and Margolottes

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

I took a short break from getting the summer online issue ready for the August 1 launch to dust and sort books. Many have been on the shelf since we moved into the house twenty-some years ago. (We haven’t painted the living room in a very long time.) Some… Read more »


Interview with Author Jen Michalski

by Ian Lashley McIntosh

Jen Michalski is a local author in Baltimore area who has published three books this year alone—the most recent being her debut novel The Tide King (winner of  Black Lawrence Press's Big Moose Prize).  In this gripping story about mortality and emotional connections, Michalski weaves together historical accuracy and magical realism with… Read more »


Facebook Cut-and-Pastes

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

--because there are a few BR FB posts that may be worth sharing with non-FB people. And, well, I want to. May 31: Our Submittable door has closed now for our current reading period and will open again on August 1. Much work ahead for the BR editors. A… Read more »


Summer Contest Theme - Threes

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s summer contest is Threes. Three—what? That’s entirely up to you. Tercets. Three stanzas. Three characters. Three rooms. Three wishes. Three sisters. Three apples. A three-fingered man. Triplets. A trinity. A triumvirate. A trio. A three on the roll of the dice. Three of… Read more »


Spring Voices

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

How perfect is this: We’re including audio with our contributors’ work for the first time at the suggestion of—a Hollywood voiceover artist. When we accepted his Bill Ratner’s work for this issue, he offered to provide an audio file; our webmaster was happy to provide his technical know-how. Bill… Read more »


Follow Us on Facebook for Poetry Posts this Month

by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Unless you've been cut off  from civilization while writing your opus (in which case I'm terribly jealous), you know that April is National Poetry Month. Thus, the BR editors will be posting their hearts out on Facebook this month, giving poetry the extra special attention it deserves. Prompts, exercises,… Read more »


What We’re Reading

by Elise Burke

Baltimore Review fiction editor Elise Burke recently asked some of her fellow editors to tell her what they've been reading—that is, when they're not reading your submissions.   The recently published books I recommend are Louise Glück’s Averno and Nikky Finney's Head Off & Split. Over and above their… Read more »